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Air Filter/Regulator

1. Compressor (Compact type)

The compact compressor enabling actuators to operate by power supply only, no air piping facility required.

2. Air dryer

Air dryer (Membrane type) , requiring no power supply, and achieving CFC-free. No vibration, no exhaust heat, and long operating life product.

Air dryer (Differential pressure type), is easy-to-use, maintenance-free and clog free air dryer, supplying dry air by only installed midst in air piping.

3. FRL

FRL (Main piping) - ensuring in main air lines, extending life of an air dryer and eliminating odor in air.

FRL (Main piping to air line ends) - ensuring control of air quality and regulating pressure in main air lines to air line ends. Wide range of pressure gauges, etc. are available.

FRL (FRL used in air line ends) - to be installed as close to pneumatic equipment, ensuring control of air quatity and regulating pressure.

FRL (Final filter (precision filtering, reducing pressure)) - the most suitable for final filters used in blow air applications in IC manufacturing devices.

FRL (mounting bracket) - brackets used for installing filters, regulators and lubricators, etc, and easy to mount. 

4. Pressure gauge

Pressure gauge (Compact pressure gauge) - good visibility and best space saving

Pressure gauge (Standard pressure gauge) - Varios mounting possible. Good visibility and standard product.

Pressure gauge (Panel mount pressure gauge) - Panel mounting type, and with quick fitting type are available.

Pressure gauge (Pressure gauge for gasses) - Pressure gauges enabling flow of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and helium, etc.

Pressure gauge (Vacuum gauge) - Vacuum gauges with good visibility, non-ion specification available.

Pressure gauge (Pressure switch) - The pressure switches detect and provide signals to feedback when set pressure changed, pressure indication also available.

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